On the Silkroads

French title: Sur les Routes de la Soie

From Venice to the depths of China, the Silkroads remain nothing more but a mythical axis; a primary route which the Orient and the Occident have exchanged goods and ideas for centuries. Today, the essence of this road persists in oases and caravansaries, in towns spread across old Europe and the depths of Asia. This sense of hospitality, harmony, the exchange between men and openness towards one another can be found in the land, heritage, and treasures hidden along the roads of trade and invention from Istanbul to Xi’an, from Konya to Samarkand, from Baku to Bamyan, where destroyed Buddhas still appear to breathe from their own wisdom.  There are countless messages of tolerance, as well as a sanctuary of ideas. During these troubled times of wounded civilizations, on the Silkroads – the anti-route of crusades – revokes, on the contrary, for reconciliation. This route is also bringing us back to our origins and to a nostalgic nomadism. On the Silkroads, a blend between the past and present, is a plunge into mysticism and at the same time an invitation into Reza’s journey.

  • Format: 250 x 310 mm
  • Number of pages: 160 pages
  • Date of publication: October 18, 2007
  • ISBN: 9782-84230-300-6
  • Publisher : Hoëbeke
  • Cover : Hardback


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